Welcome to Farm to Your Table, we are a virtual farmers market for the North Alabama area. . Depending on the time of year, this can include a wide variety of traditional and heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits, meats, legumes, milled products, dairy, fresh flowers, mushrooms, eggs, herbs, honey, firewood, live plants, soaps and artisan goods.
• Order conveniently from the comfort of your home computer by visiting the market page;
• Know what you’re purchasing with more information about the farmers, their farming practices and their products on our grower page;
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• Let your local farmers provide you with fresh vegetables, baked goods, soaps, eggs, meat, chicken and pork, processed foods, pet food, fruit and more added regularly.

What Is Local Food and Why Should You Care?
There’s no formal definition of the term local food. But one common definition of “local” food is food grown within 100 miles of its point of sale or consumption.

But it’s up to you to decide what buying local food means to you. Maybe it means foods grown and produced in your region. Or maybe it means that it comes from farmers you know and can talk to — for example, at a farmer’s market or through a CSA. And for some people, “local” is more about the values of small-scale and community-based than about a specific geographic configuration.

More and more people want to know where their food comes from and the farming practices of the farmers that grow and produce it. And this is important for many reasons:

It helps you develop a connection with food.
You become more aware of what you’re putting in your body.
You vote every time you shop, and with knowledge comes the ability to support foods and growers you believe in.

With Farm to Your Table, you get to order WHAT you want, in the AMOUNT you want from the PRODUCER you want, all from the convenience of your home or mobile device. See what is available each week on the Market Page. Learn about our grower’s farming practices on the Growers Page. If you are new, get to know us a little better by checking past Weblogs. Stay in touch with us through Facebook